Drawing style

portr_verybigman (800x567)

Here are two sketches working from the same model and ending up with two quite different results. I liked the eyes and the fact the guy was of such generous proportions. Usually not trying to make anyone I draw look beautiful but rather exaggerating flaws, while drawing these I start to appreciate them. Will Terrell, cartoonist extraordinaire and generous youtuber, cracks me up when he goes people sketching, lovingly-jokingly talking of going where the”wildlife” is, which describes it so perfectly. If you take a look at your fellow passengers like a new species you find different aspects to their features and of stylizing these.

portr_bigman (539x800)


Little Vignettes of Horror

Sous_LovelinessSpent_240716 (608x800)
La belle d’hier

(Some sketches may in fact be older than the dates given and have just been touched up a little before my scanning and uploading them)

The young lady in the first image may end up holding a teacup or a candle stick in the end.

And all of them are patiently waiting to be taken into the realm of colour, contour and shades.

people sketches – exclusive preview for Dennis!

Skizzen, die bisher noch keiner gesehen hat.

…of sketches that up to now had not yet seen the light of day…

MarkSteele Hamilton and I forgot who
Mark Steele and others
Judy Punch – not in the happiest of moods
dunno – pretty serious, too
Anna Chandler – oh, these people know how to party!
der Doktor ohne liebes Vieh
if Stephen Fry and Jo Brand had a love child…
JCarr sexed up
Jimmy Carr sexed up
long face
in the long face of adversity
hungry mouse - happy mouse
hungry mouse and happy mouse
RichardAyoade iii
Richard Ayoade ii – still have to practise drawing him
RichardAyoade ii
Richard Ayoade iii
RichardAyoade i
…and the firsfirst attempt. His hair is marvellous! like an entity in itself
QI guests
QI guests
dark and light
light and dark
actress I think
some actress?
Graham Norton – the easiest way to sketch is relaxed while watching one of your favourite programms