Maori II


Hi everyone! What do you think?How does the sepia version of my Maori eco warrior hold up against the (limited palette) colour version? I was working away for some time yesterday on the version up top and could not see any improvement for the longest time.

Apart from the mistakes I built in*, I now think it may be the better one. Or just different? *like ruining the gras skirt for one thing, tsisss!

PS: granted, natural colour scheme for a Maori environment may be more cerulieans, blue seas and skies and luscious greens… maybe I was feeling nostalgic, but I like muted and reduced palettes.

And I am still very happy how the pose turned out.

Think I should give a more brightly coloured version a shot?

Your impressions and comments are appreciated!



“What is the meaning of life? I don’t know if there’s a meaning of life. I think there isn’t a meaning of life. Why are we here? I have no idea why we’re here.
But while we’re here we may as well do civilization.”

– Eddie Izzard

Humdrum professor


a humdrum wee guy. found the facial features interesting, as they were more that of a toddler than a grown up man.

For this sketch I used different fineliners and alcohol based markers plus a Marabu BRILLIANT painter pen for the whites. Following my disappointing experiences with white gel markers this lacquer pen is quite nice. You can vary the brightness and smudge fresh layers with your finger. The paint does, however, dissolve some liner inks, producing slight coloured bleeding.