not enough shite in this world!

Due to it’s subject matter, this post will remain unillustrated. At least by images.

Although there may be some colourful language. But fear not, there is a serious backdrop. And it has to do with natural fertilizers.

It has freshly come to my attention that there is an apparent shortage of pooh in the world. Usually I hold the view, that there is enough shite around already and we need not create any more (see recent posts, if you haven’t done so already).

I stand corrected, if not figuratively, then literally: There is a global deficiency in fecal nutrients on land, as the amount of animal droppings has dropped  to a mere 8 % of what it was at the end of the last ice age almost 12,000 years ago. The cause being the loss of populations and entire species of large land animals.

The situation in the oceans is even worse. Against estimates the decimation of whales has not lead to an increase in krill, staple diet of the majority of whales  (together with plankton and fish, depending on what species of whale you are talking about). So how come? Krill used to be most abundant food  source present in the oceans. However, the plants these tiny crustaceans are feeding on are suffering a nutrient shortage, too: 95 % less within the same time bracket. Not enough fecal matter to fertilize the plants on which the krill feed. The negative knock-on effect on all the other participants in this food web becomes apparent, and will increasingly effect the entire system – including us humans.

Anyone feeling in the dumpsters already, I realize this post won’t have made your day.

So, where is the sunny side of all of this? Is there one?

Only in a figurative way.

A while back I tried to adopt a more positive attitude towards things going wrong in the world, and my own life in particular. Pondering that it did not matter all that much whether I was not feeling well, but quite often would try and make the best out of a less than ideal situation, I concluded: ‘I can say, I am feeling shitty today!’ but today’s shite would lead to future growth, and thus if someone asked me how I felt, I might as well express the positive take on the situation: ‘thanks, I am feeling well fertilized’.

And today I remembered another thing:

Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser – an advocate of the composting toilet, amongst other ecological ideas – came up with his ‘Holy Shit’ manifesto in the 1970s.

Yet,  his approach still has not had the global trickle down effect it should have had.

Which is crap from the point of pollution and soil rehabilitation.

What is the correct message now? Will we have to keep polluting the oceans with our sewage? Or maybe our doing so has blinded us towards the fact that the situation would be worse already had we not?  Have all the undesirable pharmaceutical and chemical agents let lose in our air, water, soil, foodstuffs and bodies brought us much closer to a tipping point than we realize?

Maybe humankind can do their bit and do what we do best.

There seems to be a future in making fertilizer and fuel from human waste. But far from a mindless dispersion in crappy ignorance, it will have to be a science-led and monitored process of what to put where and in what sustainable concentrations.

The future may look pretty shite.

Feel fertilized to do something about it!


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