free range emotion

emotion has an amplitude

it is a landscape with topographical profile, there’s scenic routes, round trips and steep hills.

there’s ditches, gorges, cliffs and rifts you have to beware of, and if you stumble into or off them you need resilience and maybe a few helpers, devices or strategies to get you back out of there.

sometimes you can actively employ a source of help, at other times you cannot. sometimes the helping and healing device is simply time and its passage.

anger, hurt, pain, disappointment – they all are inevitable. you cannot avoid them and there’d be not much point in telling yourself they did not exist.

not such a long while ago I came into  contact with people who prided themselves on their calm and supposed wholistic mindfulness and awareness.

and never have I known people with such barely disguised rage. more so, because they would not be honest to themselves and others about what set them off, they did not come out straight with what upset them or whatever could have been negotiated and straightened out before situations escalated.

even more ofputting – the human mind is creative – they turned mean, considering themselves clever whilst eager to dish out. instead of saying ‘look, we’re in this together, let’s find a solution because the way it is now it simply is ot working for me. what can we do to turn things around?’ they would attack someone from their own pack or flock from downwind.

I am all for using the medium of language to communicate and for using humour to diffuse tension and just have fun together. there’s enough shite and hurt out there, there’s simply no need to proactively create more.

Having fun at other people’s expense is not really fun. Well, in anecdotes maybe, and when you try to make up all the brilliant repartee you make up retrospectively.

This supposed calm, however, that is a mere facade, yet, presented with an air of superiority, as if you had to acknowledge you were in the presence of a higher evolutionary stage being I find highly annoying, arrogant and corrosive to relationships. As it is mere pretence and serves to divide rather than to pull something together.

Bottling up would be another, often destructive, way of dealing with your bandwith of emotions.

Best to let the wee buggers roam freely – within reason, of course and some supervision provided. Locking them away from daylight seems to produce a lot more unhealthy results, for you and everyone around you.



2 thoughts on “free range emotion

    1. well, honesty can be brutal, that’s why the tact and sensitivity you mention are important. I just don’t believe in surpressing emotion much, it will blow a valve eventually

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