Stubborness for good

ok, so it seems the only marathon I am capable of is binge watching. “Eddie Iz Running” transfixed me for all of its three episodes, instead of enjoying some atmospheric noise whilst snacking and cracking on, I just had to continue following the standup comedian’s 2009 exploits.

Inspired enough to keep watching, yet, sadly not enough to get off me chair. And frankly, at the mo I wouldn’t have the breath to run to the end of my street.

What utter and unbelievable madness drives someone untrained to run 43 marathons in 51 days?!?? If he were kith or kin, I’d rather have ripped his head off than let him do this.

Still: If you haven’t loved the man before then you are sure to do so after.

And you cannot help but wish more people’d be using their pigheadedness, possibly dark places and sheer stubborness for good.

I would not mind Eddie as president of any country, since what is going on around the globe is a lot more surreal, however a lot less amusing than any of his shows. Nearly all current politicians seem to have been recruited from horror-rides and evil clown schools.  So why not have comedians for politicians? The result could be but an improvement on current developments. Are we so desperate to be entertained we chose as leaders whoever gives the least expletive to then passively watch the situation spiral out of control?

My motto for 2017 seems to be: “Comedians for politicians” Real comedians, mind, not clowns!

Either that or I’ll return to my idea of vote-in online-petitioning for the  substitution of world leaders with dogs. For a more amenable and peaceful world!

If you are interested in my online petition, please do tell.

In the meantime, stubborness for the good of everyone – for good!


6 thoughts on “Stubborness for good

    1. Thank for taking the time. And I’m glad you seem to enjoy Eddie. I first heard his standup as radio programmes, he’s good at this surreal jumping between topics . and he wants to go into politics…
      well, we shall see… ok, bye for now, take care and see you around

    2. my first answer seems to have gotten lost… Thank you again, and I am glad you seem to like Eddie. I first heard his shows on the radio. and I saw his Madison Square Garden Show on DVD. , well, take care and see you around

    3. The piece I sent you, was not great in terms of structure, I don’t think. Probably should have chopped it up into two to three posts. But the odds are it would have been two to three really long ones then, still. anyways, thanks for your positive response.
      have a great day!

    1. the marathon thing is a bbc documentary, gives you a glimpse of the person rather than the persona, although they are intertwined
      I enjoyed the Madison Sq Garden gig on video, and the Death Star Canteen ………you have a similar but different style when you go kind of surreal, and I really, really enjoy that in your writing!

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