Zinc’s the thing – When you’ve gone ‘viral’

ok., people of cold climes, chances are you, too, have a cold – and are not willing to take it lying down.

Apparently zinc’s the thing that can shorten your ‘rehab’ by 3 – 4 precious days. So, how much zink will put you on the road to a restored health? 15 mg twice (!) a day are the recommended dose.

I seemed to remember that champignons/mushrooms contained quite a bit of the good stuff. How many would you have to digest though, in order to feel their beneficial effect on your dented immune system? Turns out about 3 kg. Twice every day.

A bit much.

How about chicken drumsticks then? A serving of 100 g provides you with about 1,7 mg, which works out at about two helpings of 800 g each per day.


I think I’m gonna go and lick my car instead.



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