grumpy narcicist


…well…, let’s say I like the mice!


4 thoughts on “grumpy narcicist

    1. naa, just picking up on and combining different things. the toasters where a cunning idea of how to hide her feet – and then the mice chipped in. I would put you down neither as a narcicist and certainly not as grumpy. but yeah, possibly stylish – but this was prompted by a sudden idea, really by wordpress stating I had been following myself, so I was feeling I was being stalked – that girl’s not me, either, though.

      1. Yeah, i always wondered why wordypress makes us follow ourselves? I suppose it’s a way of letting us keep track of whether our posts are actually showing up in the reader…
        Fun pic, anyways :)

  1. …besides, I may be pulling your leg now and then, but never maliciously, but I think you know that :)
    Plus: You’re sending me sunshine! ……..
    just back from visiting and feeling a bit sad now, really.

    But then, I have never been good at drawing the thing that is sitting in front of me…
    well, half 11 at night is no time for pondering. no wonder I feel I need more sunshine in the bloodstream

    awwch, never mind, here: have a muffin!

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