thrown into the deep end of the washing basin – spin cycle iii

hm, yet another short comment turned into something more…complex – my head is spinning

Words, parabels, puns and language in general are such a wonderful elastic plaything, combining sound and meaning. And occasionally managing to communicate. Old and new ingredients and ideas can mix to form such diverse and potent concoctions. Whatever connects with people can become a live expression and evolve – or simply entertain. You are certainly an adept user of the medium yourself. But I hope I can take you for a spin around again. Glad to have you whisking past.

This is directed at Joseph from who kindly liked mood spin ii, but the comment got out of hand, lengthwise. So here goes: the quote that got me started

Within that the two areas I like to study more than anything are Mathematics and Physics – and many, including myself would argue these are not two distinct subjects. They are the only subjects for me which are worth studying (no offence meant – this is a personal bio). They are as real as it gets: What? Why? Who? Where? When? How? The subjects attempt to answer the question which at some time must have bothered us all; why are we actually here? Are we a terrible design or are we a beautiful accident?

Dear Joseph, it is great that you are into the depths of Maths and Physics, mainly so others don’t have to be. This is a joke, yet it isn’t. Without a trace of aptitude for both subjects myself, I still love science.

All natural sciences have a lot to offer. It’s where areas of expertise and life overlap that it starts to get interesting! Art and Humanities are feeding into the Sciences, as well as into our lives, and vice versa. And they ought to. Fiction, science fiction to be more precise, has influenced science in the past. There is enough current evidence.

An open mind can be triggered by the simplest thing and make a connection leading to the most profound and complex abstraction and, ..well, discovery? ‘Revelation’ may be more accurate, for, as you say the answers are already there.

We are all part of a humungous patchwork. Like individuals make up the fabric of a community and society. And you can never tell from a given point in time who and what is most important. Just that we’d better take care of the allover fabric that carries us and makes us. …and sticking with the washing machine theme – if we initiate the spin cycle we better check for colour fastness beforehand. Science is great for giving us an inkling of what we might find after the programm has finished – or what is in fact happening mid-process – and on how to deal with what we will find. Science might not be accurate at predicting, but what else could be in it’s place? Science has the capacity of improving our lives and in limiting damage already inflicted. Maybe it seems science has been hijacked by corporate interest and may be sabotaged by ignorant corporate and political leaders.

BUT: Science does not stop. Neither should we. Keep connecting and evaluating,  scrutinizing and evolving in a progressive and the least harmful way possible. With science and its positive effects more accessible to everyone.

Let’s keep this beautiful accident spinning a while longer. Use all the ingenuity, expertise, shrewdness and common sense we can muster.

And let science be the fabric conditioner for harder times to come.


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