cake is the language of love

and a wee gem for siddiebowties: an Irishman’s view of Oz, the US and the British Empire

and a vital addition:


4 thoughts on “cake is the language of love

    1. didn’t I write about Dylan Moran being the eternal toddler? I am sometimes losing track of me own comments – or forget to hit ‘send’ at the end. anyways, I’m having the sneaking suspicion the ‘eternal toddler’ routine works out better for the male half of the population. does that feel about right?

      1. Haha, possibly! Although sometimes i feel like a giant child myself…sigh.
        Anyway, I got around to watching these, and they’re great. He’s bloody hilarious. The things he said about Australia are too true! Love his grumpy Irish style :)

      2. but that’s good, isn’t it? sorry, very talkative at the moment, should be concentrating more, but it’s lovely to chat

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