Mood Spin Cycle

Learn something new every day: the Hitchhiker’s-Guide-theme-tune just came on on the radio and sent my mood soaring. Turns out the track is the intro of “Journey of the Sorcerer” by the Eagles. Brill!

and entirely instrumental

What with that and the sun pouring in through the window I’m feeling fit to burst! shame I can’t risk taking meself outside yet.

Why, by the way, is it called mood swings when it could easily be called mood spins?

Moods can come full circle, like cycling and re-cycling the same paths – or the inside of a hamster’s wheel. and whilst there’s effort involved, I’d recommend upcycling. requires more energy and ends up in another spin cycle of slightly more generous diameter.

But you do get to enjoy more scenery on your way round.

gonna head before my spin cycle turns on me.





One thought on “Mood Spin Cycle

  1. It’s lovely the way music can “spin” the mood around like that. ( and anything to do with Hitchhiker’s guide is always good). I’m gonna start saying “mood spin” rather than “mood swing” from now on.

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