the world’s most stripey quadruped

quick, I made this just for the David McGahan Fan-Club!

the world’s most stripey quadruped

Tonight I will be going to bed in the secure knowledge that we must have caused a spike in the search engines
phew! I’m going for a standup* now. Taraa!

* “…he stands up when he goes to bed, the world’s most stripey quadruped. Zebraa – zebrazebra-zebrAAAAA! […]”


15 thoughts on “the world’s most stripey quadruped

  1. Oh my gosh!!! This is wonderful! I love!!! That zebra one is brilliant. You’re inspiring me to do some kinda David McGahan themed drawing too, perhaps…..maybe you’ll start a trend!

      1. na, you’d be nowhere near terrible. we could always throw together a compilation of artwork inspired by individual clips or characters…

      2. strange is good! (unless it would be creepy strange but that would just be creepy) and fun is even better! got started yet?!?? ;)

      3. True, true.
        Well, i actually do have a drawing idea….it’s now just a matter of motivating myself to actually draw it, as it will take a while…..but i’ll try schedule a writey break at some stage so i can do it, as i think it’d be a funny pic…..;)

      4. just go with what you feel like, I’d say. if you’re in write mode, write, and if draw mode comes dandering around the corner, go with that…
        do you have the effect when you throttle one output over other things that have to be done? always takes me ages to flick the switches back to ‘create’ mode. as long as one is in create mode things are reasonably ok. what do you think? are you keeping note/sketch books for your ideas?
        by the way, as pleased as I was with zebra zebra zebra – apart from its flaws, obviously – as disappointing did the ‘Hail Patatas’ turn out visually. despite an ok sketch.
        At least today the cough seems to be losening its grip a little and the winter sun shoots through the window at a felt 90 degrees, sun today! Illuminating the wee place. I could do with a little more sun. not for ‘bronzing’ but cheering.
        …do love snow though.

      5. yep, it can be difficult to adjust from one mode to another…i get that.
        I do have a little “ideas” booky….but many of them don’t ever get to see the light of day! Oh well. At least they’re there just in case…
        Aww, did you post the potato one? I didn’t see it….will have a looky.
        Glad to hear you’re beginning to feel a bit better! I do hope you get some more sun, too :)

      6. hi diddums! (don’t look this up in the online urban dictionary. Don’t look anything up in the urban dictionary online; I think I have not yet found a single definition that does not bear a sexual connotation – But do not use the Cambridge one, either. I know the term ‘diddums’ as a term of endearment, and that’s how it’s meant. full-stop. so much for the longest intro for a comment possible) Ideas bookies are life savers. even if totally sketchy and rough. I don’t quite get over people presenting ‘sketchbooks’ on chewtchewb and they are blooming fine art books..they don’t know what they’re doing to people’s morale! no seriously, I am glad to be able to watch how others work. should have had that when I was in uni, or still at school even. da patata will only be posted as private post viewing per personal invitation if I find out how to do that. It’s just too bad, don’t wish to disperse the little followers I have by posting tat.
        Today is no weather day. white skies. all quite drab. any wetter and it would be called ‘Waschküche’ in German – washkitchen. apt and in tune with our current theme, some people taking an interest in our spin cycles, by the way!

      7. haha, all good. And yes, i’ve seen some AMAZING so-called “sketchbooks” where every page is a masterpiece! Lovely to see, if a little offputting :/
        I’ll send some sunny Australian summer to you, then. Hopefully should get there soon. Or, if i can’t afford express post, maybe around the same time as your summer kicks in. What a coincidence!

      8. lovely! if your summer get’s here slightly dampened in transit, that’s fine! used to a moderate clime here, which, incidentally, is also called tatataaa: ‘POTATO CLIMATE’ – Kartoffelklima!

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