Canine Facebook Date

And so it came to pass that during late summer of 2016 my half dog and I were perusing facebook and came across an anecdote of a lovely Labrador lost in the streets of Berlin but happily reunited with her flatmate and breadwinner. Or would that be ‘bone winner’? ‘Canned food stuff’ provider?

Anyways, the suspense had nearly killed us and we were so glad for the two having got back together safe and sound, Camille suggested to send a message which ran as follows:

…he is a bit of a messy writer, isn’t he?

The date actually took place and the two got along fine. It was a glorious and sunny afternoon spent swimming, retrieving sticks from a lake and playing chase in the forest.

So far there was no repeat experience. But neither has Camille invited any other lady dogs for walkies since….


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