Character Design Challenge #25 – Hippie

“One of the rare moments, when a chance discovery – a documentary on Wystan Hugh Auden – links up with a given task…”

This month’s Character Design Challenge on FB has a Hippie Theme.

Accordingly I should drown our little hero in a sea of multicolour, I suppose. However, I  depthseem to be having this propensity for more or less monochromatic situations.

One of the rare and precious moments when unrelated chance discoveries ( a documentary on W. H. Auden) link up with a task at hand. Before I knew what had happened I had the proper slogan for the lad in the picture – the subconscious is a great thing!

Are you with me what our little hippie is referring to?

The sketch took a while longer than I thought, but I was totally wrapped up in the process.

Glad to hear your comments!


16 thoughts on “Character Design Challenge #25 – Hippie

      1. Perhaps he could find some special corrective platform boots? Ones with big weights on the outside edge, which force the toes outward? ( can you imagine it? Comfort AND style!)

      2. how about wheels? or amphi shoes – you cant walk on water with them but slosh and bob about…
        sorry, I cannot think of anyting for your challenge, feeling too mangled just now!

      3. Yes- some wheely watery shoes! That’d do the trick, i reckon!
        Aww, don’t you dare apologise! You go and concentrate on resting up and recovering from the sickness! Sending healy vibes from Oz!

      4. wow! greets from down under for someone feeling under the weather. let me just read the vibe instructions: massage vibes vigorously into furrowed or furry forehead, whatever may apply. ok,…done that…in case of beastly bummer of a bronchitis let some of the vibes dissolve under tongue oky… finally, make another attempt to go to sleep, maybe third time lucky. finally-finally: count sheep jumping over fence landing in sheep dip of choice…exactly: guacemole!
        all else fails: resort to watching ‘Travel Man’.. taraa & good night! good day! whatever the time may be

      5. Oh, sheep do love their avocado based dips. ;)
        Ah! Travel man! I love that show! It’s not actually shown here, but i’ve done some sneaky watching on the ‘net, and it’s just delightful. I hope watching a few rounds of that makes you feel a bit better. I’m a huge fan of Richard Ayoade. Very funny guy. Could watch him all day. And such awesome places he visits…..sigh!

      6. indeedy. you’d probably want to skip Istanbul in the current political clime, sadly.. Richard Ayoade is quite different from the other comedians I love, but brilliant, nonetheless.

      7. damn….Istanbul was one of the places that made me go “Oooh! Wanna go there!”. But i love the idea of Venice, too. And Berlin! And..well, pretty much every single one of them has made me wish i had the cash to travel….sigh.
        Yeah, he’s pretty brilliant. So talented. Not just comedically, but with his films/directing, too. A true artist!

      8. other comedians you admire because of their lightning quick repartee, he never seems that fast but he is.
        yeah, cash is a sore point. all the better to continue with your writing/screenwriting!

    1. thank you so much! my hippie lad did not get much attention on facebook. I am hoping – like for my Maori warrior(Feb) – with a little more colour other people may be able to see more of what I seem to see in a sketch. :) hope you’ll be dropping round for the next challenge entry, always good to have feedback! thanks again and have a lovely day!

      1. Just keep drawing everyday then time would come you’d be very good the world can’t ignore you haha.. :D I also keep creating music with very few noticing.. by the way checkout Stephen Silver’s Channel on youtube, his got amazing truthful motivational video for artists each week.. here is his latest, just so passionate artist and teacher..

      2. thank you for your recommendation, will have a look. would like to return the favour but can only think of an illustrator Will Terell who shows his drawing process in youtube clips

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