ideas we have about the future

Let’s not fall into an intellectual stone age with clubs and rocks, grunting and clawing at each other. Time for a quote:

“The ideas we have about  what the future is going to be like  formulate the way we move forward. So it’s very important that we have the most positive view of what the future will be. So, you have to look at where you actually want to go, not where you’re frightened that you might end up.”

Douglas Adams (writer, on ‘Big Thinkers’)


12 thoughts on “ideas we have about the future

  1. I dig this. Very timely.
    P.s. I hadn’t seen your posts in my feed for quite a while…i wondered what had happenned….then i discovered that wordpress had made me unfollow you? I’ve heard of this happening , but this is the first time it’s happened to me! I mean, you may not remember me at all, but i really do want you to know that there’s no way i’d unfollow! Anyhoo, you’ve definitely been super productive! Wishing you a merry new year :)

    1. Hello there! yes, a little Douglas Adams can improve the day enormously ;) – it’s a good thing when jokers can also be serious about important things and have valid points to make. I have done some silly silhouettes that can be seen on – that blog is all in German, but I think there’ll be an English one soon, too. Thanks for not consciously unfollowing me, and I do remember you and have been following your blog. My input on Blaustift was kind of minimal after inktober, hope this will improve. Wishing you a wonderful and productive year, too!

      1. yeah, he’s cool :) It seems to me that many funny people are also quite intelligent, cmpassionate, and socially aware. Gotta love ’em.
        Cool, i’ll check it out. I can’t read German, but that won’t stop me from appreciating the artwork :) Hope you’re having a creative day!

    2. PS: just digested ‘not suitable for viewing’ – I’m a sucker for click-bait, it appears – now my tummy hurts – from laughing!

    3. PPS: me wants toaster shaped shoes, too. great clonkedy noise when roaming the streets and keeping the toesies warm.

      1. You know, i have actually SEEN toaster slippers! They were made of typical slipper materials, but the exterior fabric was a metallic silver colour, ans they looked very much like actual toasters. Of course, they wouldn’t make as satisfying a sound as actual toasters would…..but we can dream!

      2. Hey, if you have not done so already you definitely should enter’eternal Yimmy’ into appropriate contests to be made into a short film!!! You have such a unique filter on life and absurd behaviour, and express thoughts and dialogue in such an elegant, devious and funny manner…!! I’m in awe. and an eternal fan of your writings ;D – not hovering, though

      3. Aww, thankyou so much! Omg, I’d love to make silly short films. I do find myself wanting to write in screenplay form rather than short story form. I think I’m better at dialogue based stuff rather than ‘literary’ stuff. Anyway, thanks SO very much for the positive encouragement! It really does brighten my day :)

      4. I think your brilliant at the literary form. But I think your stories would translate very well to film! probably because they invoke imagery and have this mixture of a good structure, intelligent vocabulary that still is inclusive, creatively phrased twists even if you see them coming, and insightful wit with a shot of deviousness. such a winning composition!

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