ideas we have about the future

Let’s not fall into an intellectual stone age with clubs and rocks, grunting and clawing at each other. Time for a quote:

“The ideas we have about  what the future is going to be like  formulate the way we move forward. So it’s very important that we have the most positive view of what the future will be. So, you have to look at where you actually want to go, not where you’re frightened that you might end up.”

Douglas Adams (writer, on ‘Big Thinkers’)


Enzo – aka the FLUHU


Enzo – the common FLUHU

This is Enzo – a common Fluhu (Bubo influenzo), sick and tired of having the sniffles, and who would not be??

Looking bit rough around the edges – and not just due to health issues. Would you like to see Enzo inked?

Enzo is attempting to go viral – but he cannot do this without you!

If you would like to help, donate a hot water bottle, lozenges or warm socks and send them to Blaustift.

Thanks in advance!

A Month Made of Art: Celebrating InkTober

Mentioned amongst crack(l)ing artists Sherry Meidell  and Hugo Costa  Blaustift’s flying pig feels elevated to stratospheric heights by being mentioned in Krista’s post on Inktober 2016! Chuffed to bits!

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With 31 one-word prompts in 2009, artist Jake Parker launched InkTober to improve his drawing skills. The goal? To create and share one drawing each day for the month of October. Today, artists around the globe participate, and we’re delighted to highlight five WordPressers who share their amazing art with the world.

Learn more about Jake Parker and the list of 31 InkTober drawing prompts.

A little bit of ink: the story of Jumbo and Scott

Illustrator Sherry Meidell’s wonderful take on InkTober tells the story of Jumbo, a baby elephant who befriends London zookeeper Matthew Scott after being torn from his mother in Sudan. A little bit of inkbegan on October 1st and ran through the month, with a new illustrative installment each day.

Illustration by Sherry Meidell Illustration by Sherry Meidell — InkTober day 24.

White, blue, and whimsical: when pigs fly

Blaustift is German for “blue pencil.”

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