Inktober Finale & Thanks!

Hello there! Inktober 2016 is now officially over. It was a great experience – simply for subjecting yourself to a mode of working that makes marks on paper where Ctrl-Z does not apply.

There would have been so many angles to approach this, but you have to somehow grab the bull by the horns – or the brush pen by the end that is not the brush and get on with it.

Thanks to everyone who has been visiting and following, I am quite chuffed you like what you see and I am always interested in your comments.

Which one was your favourite Inktober submission of mine?

What would make you comment on – or commission – any of my stuff?

And what the flip is it with gel pens that seem to die the minute I take them into my hands? So glad this is not the case with carbon based life forms!

well, cheerioh for now and see you around!


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