Madness continued – and Marker critique

Maybe a year ago retail chain TIGER – Danish vendor of affordable kitsch and camp – held a selction of alcohol based twin markers. With a fine and a chisel tip it looked well made  came in a palatable range of colours and as sets of three (greys, reds, yellows, etc.) at a price that seemed a steal. Bought a trial packet that seemed fine. So, hoping for an exceptional opportunity and bargain into the bargain, I went and got one set of each colour combination still available.

More’s the pity, as it turns out these markers are only filled with a bare minimum of fluid.

I was wanting to ink and colour the ‘Sweet Reign of Madness’ sketch. As you can see from the scan: on an A4 page the area right of the face was coloured in with a TIGER marker – looking ok-ish. Would have needed going over once more. If it had let me.

WIP: ‘Sweet Reign of Madness’   right: pathetically small area coloured in with a TIGER marker     left: streaky exhaustion clearly visible less than 5 min into the sketch

In the area to the left of the face I meant to go over the aqua blue Letraset Promarker with the same TIGER marker and it merely produced weak streaks.

What could be expected buying basically a rip-off, low-priced product? Well, not everything that comes with a lower price tag is necessarily bad quality. You’d expect them not to last quite as long as regular brand or maybe not to be quite as lightfast, with a nastier whiff of alcohol. But to go to the lengths of producing something that looks like a pen of decent quality and make it last less than five minutes of actual application does not encourage return custom. This could have been a decent beginner’s alternative to the pricier household names like Letraset Promarker, Copics, Prisma Color Marker and more affordable lines like stylefile.

This is the third marker this has happened with – the pen being exhausted before even a single sketch was finished.

There is a youtube clip by cartoonist Will Terrell on how to rescue your markers, which you can give a go. I most certainly will to try and squeeze some more life out of these markers now.


– Far from snubbing budget brands usually, I am all for using affordable materials where possible. The life cycle of this product, however, was too short by far

These markers seemed a real bargain – from both ecological and economical points of view they turn out to last you less than a day fly – maybe I caught a bad batch?

Not to mention the ecological implications. Sadly, there is no way these markers are holding up to the regular competition – in terms of longevity, at any rate. A decent marker can usually last you years. What would be a good way of mending the shortcomings of the TIGER Twin Marker? Sell them with a standard amount fill, sell refills. Charge higher prices per set but make them last longer.

Currently – from the experience I’ve had – I cannot recommend their purchase.

If you’ve had experiences to the contrary I’d be interested to know.




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