Return of the Rascal

Very late last night I heard some commotion just outside my window, someone climbing through the tree and there’s me thinking ‘this is it, you’re being burgled’ – not that there’d be anything worth nicking, really. Anyways, I’m getting the torch but he must have been away over the roof of the neighbour’s shed. and then I see the amply filled pair of grey bloomers and black and white tail swinging, happily scampering away across the fence. Stopping here and there, sniffing…! I had been wondering who had done some flower arranging in the garden and repeatedly tilting a certain garden ornament at an odd angle. All in a night’s work for los funny bandidos!


gsous_rascal-racoon (550x800)

The return of the rascal: this one says “I’m afraid your vegtables shrunk in the wash (buurrrps!)”

There is, indeed, more wildlife to be found in the city than in some rural areas! My tiny wee(d) garden is brimming with living proof!


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