vein of gold in the stone

What good is a post started with “I”? So much seems to be mememe these days. But let’s start with “I” and end up with “you”. I spend most of my time listening to the spoken word on radio. Strangely, this seems to distract me less than music, as music – to me – is more evocative of emotion. It captivates you without holding you hostage. It tends to fill and lift you and spirit you away on a flight of imagination. That tends to clash with any attempt of working in a focussed manner, chained to your hardware. Saying that, there are soundtracks and albums, some even for special situations like finishing a piece of work or aministrative task, that have accompanied me and helped me along, some for decades now. Mostly those that have come to play as a film in my mind, with nearly fixed imagery and mood. Classical music is special, as it can be uplifting and soothing at the same time.

So, amidst being maybe a little oversatuarated with drama, comedy and other audio offers, music can have quite some effect – a bit like taking a drink of water and only then realizing just how thirsty you really were. Making you giddy at the same time.

The current episode of Inheritance Tracks featuring Mary Portas. which should be available for the next 7 days on BBC radio, reminded me of Van Morrison’s Into the Mystic, which I had not heard in a while. But it always leaves me with a good feeling, if acquired nostalgia, as I do not remember it from back when it was released, but neither was that the case with, say, Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major.

The broadcast also alerted me Gavin Clark and Sunhouse’s Crazy On the Weekend

…and I am quite gobsmacked. What a lovely, lovely voice.

If this is to your taste, too, you may also like Clayhill  Raise a Vein and Painted Glass

and Never Seen the Sea, or When We had Faces…. Well, you good people are quite capable of googling yourself, I am well aware.

Still, I also wholeheartedly – in retrospect – maybe brokenheartedly, recommend the entire album


If you are easily effected by lyrics in combination with music, you may be best advised not to listen too closely, or consult your doctor or pharmacist. Or all of the above.

“…there’s a gem in the rock that’s been thrown, there’s a vein of pure gold in the stone…”

rather than paying tribute to you, we’d sing along with you now.

— to all who feel cracked by having been thrown, don’t take your gold away with you, for it is being treasured —

you are, to be precise


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