drawing your attention to: Photoshop pencil brushes

Looking for photoshop brushes for an older version – working from my spare machine – I came across these: they are what the dogend is to the cigarette but without any nasty side effects


Stumpy has the brushes and eraser set  up as tool preset and gives a description of how to install them, in case you are stumped as to how to do this by yourself. Stumpy’s brushes are free, but he (or she? didn’t stop to find out) would like samples of your work sent to the mailadress mentioned on the blog.

Another great source is Kyle T Webster

Snap_2016.08.14_21h21m06s_045 (448x523)

Kyle suggests you send 1-2 $ for this pencil and there’s loads more effects brushes to choose from at varying prices and containing numerous brushes. The sets do not ‘overlap’ but have unique brush sets and some come with the option of naming your own price. An installation guide is also provided within the sets. Happy draw lucky!


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