Coffee Table Comic Caricature

It was Jason Brubaker’s helpful tutorials on youtube that pointed me towards Kyle’s Photoshop brushes (see previous post). So I tought I’d do him a doodle. Will have to ink it and try and send it, see what the reaction will be :}

Jason’s venture is the label Coffee Table Comics and he has published stunning artwork with the aid of kickstarter. Apart from drawing tips he does interviews with other artists and offers advice and his personal experiences on the marketing side of creating your own comics. Thus, if you are that way inclined, it may be worth your while looking himup.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Any similarity with persons living or dead is – at this stage – probably purely accidental. You be the judge. and can give me feedback if you wish. Just abstain from throwing stones, got a sensitive skin, me.

Love his logo, by the way!


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