happiness in the little…

this is only about 3 x 4

aaaaaand I could not find my sharpener. and I only had a photograph and a few minutes to spare. that’s as far as my excuses go.


a cheeky wee grin you recognize?

the likeness is not great, but it is the happiest first happy little thing I have drawn in a while

the unreservedness of the little ones’ emotions makes them so great to observe – if it’s happy feelings at least. For the other end of the spectrum I’d recommend ear defenders. Babys’ cries match the sound level of pneumatic drills, or so I’ve heard. WHAA?

Interesting thing about proportions and small changes having quite some effect in a drawing:  a small child’s facial features are more ‘concentrated’, if you will, in the lower third of the head. You can roughly guess the child’s age in the picture above. See what happens if – thanks to digital playthings we move the eyes up a little:


Still cute, or so I hope, but she immediately looks a few years old. Sorry for the rapid ageing process. But we are too obsessed with poking sticks in the spokes of the wheels of time anyhows. Futile attempts, needless to say. So you may as well keep smiling and be as happy as you can as you are while you are!

Wishing everyone a very happy day!

Cheeky grins

PS: Thanks to anyone visiting, liking and commenting – warm fuzzy feelings!



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