more sketches and toughts on pencils

found a good pen yesterday…

this blog was started by my love for drawing with blue pencil – hence the name “Blau” meaning blue, “Stift” being the pencil.

For people sketches it turns out I jam finding this kind of sanguine colour rather marvellous – from a set of “Eberhard Faber, bottom of the range, kiddies’ quality, quite a revelation, really.

portr_clerk (565x800)
Would you like me to show you my bank statements?
portr_chicken_boy_page (539x800)
Chicken boy is plucking up the courage
portr_old-Victorian (585x800)
Victorian old chap
portr_dogcollar (800x793)
“I really prefer the dog collar to being lead on, Madame”
portr_sad-woman (555x800)
sad Lady with strange hair
portr_longface (508x800)
Why the long face? Because! – …and even stranger hair
portr_stylized (800x632)
“Zeichnen ist Weglassen” – sagte schon Liebermann – “To draw is to omit” –  said Max Liebermann.

I do love a German line of coloured pencils and leads for retractable pencils ‘Toonbase‘ which seems to be have been discontinued, so I have to look for  alternatives.  There’s always colerase, of course. Staedtler are a good brand, too, but the lines do not lift off the page as easily. Finding a substitute for the Toonbase light blue will be a bummer, and the leads were especially handy, economical and easy to sharpen, with the regular width of regular pencil leads (2 point somefink). There’s sets of blue leads with a thinner diameter (0.7?) by Pilot. You find a lead holder for these more easily and cheaply, but you cannot lean on them too heavily and they were also not developed with earasibility in mind.

Funny, how with some sketches you think you are vastly exaggerating individual features in the human face and frame – and then it turns out that these are exactly the features that make the character a character instead of a bland approximation of human-ness, human-dom…insert own collective term.

of the few people who cruise by this blog I’d really, really be interested which one of the sketches you like best.

And I can hardly wait to ink them.



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