yet another odd random fact about books – and inspiration

Not letting go of the book theme yet. another odd and random fact remembered about books: Once they have been brought  into this world, rather similar to us, they start decomposing.

They may not do this via a series of developmental physical stages from youth to adult to old age, eventually perishing. You might argue their life does follow an arc of suspense, a curve or life cycle, however, this refers to their internal life. Physically, on the other hand, even if printed on acid-free paper, from being hot off the printing press onwards, a book’s life seems to be going downhill all the way. Albeit sloping at a barely discernable rate by human standards. Bound books manage to survive many human generations, this is partly what makes them so intriguing.

Another reason may be the halucinogenic fungus that can grow on paper and is thus suspected by scientists to have helped inspire their colleagues, scholars and philosophers over the ages. It is unclear how much of the spores you would have to inhale and for how long  in order to feel any effect at all. Maybe someone will come up with the idea of producing homeopathic globuli and sell them as an antidote to writer’s block! Wish I had kept that business idea a secret, now.

And – believe it or not – there are booksniffers – there’s even two “schools”: one goes in for the smell of freshly printed publications, the other favours the good old, well definitely old and musty smell of decomposing pages.

No joy there in ebook land. Sniffing a kindle or similar technical devices won’t do much for anybody. Unless they start producing ebook readers that emit odours depending on what you are reading about. But that would be really too far out  for the mainstream – and probably as popular as smell-o-vision.





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