Writing is NOT so painful!  — World of Horror

Visit Amir’s Blog, which appears not so much a World of Horror but of literacy, inspiration and tips for writers and aspiring authors.

The blog is crisp looking yet playful, and from what I have seen full of content worthwhile contemplating and applying.

Reading these tips on how to become and be a writer, compilations of alternative and nuanced expressions for simple words that are being used far too often I notice there is a blog post on punctuation.

This triggers a memory from school days. Far from golden, maybe. But I have always enjoyed stories – reading them, making them up, writing them down. So, back in them school days prior to everything being turned into other people’s writings analysis, when you were allowed to make up your own stories – but were also marked on grammar and punctuation, which can be a horror in itself – I suddenly remember handing in an essay and on the very last page supplying the teacher with lines of full-stops, commas, exclamation points and question marks, asking her to strike off potentially missing punctuation as she read and proof-read.

There’s a cheeky streak appears when my mind is in creation mode. But the truely wonderful thing was that my teacher played back the ball. From my punctuation depository she had struck off 3 commas and had inserted them appropriately where they had been missing. Another formal mistake would have probably caused my essay to be marked down, but even this would hardly have dampened my spirits. I had asked for someone to come outside and play and had received an answer in the affirmative.

Made me glow with joy. And chuckle not a little.

Is life a cabaret, old chum? I don’t rightly know. But it could be much more of a friendly game with rules of mutual respect, appreciation of diversity and non-harmful cheekiness.


via Writing is NOT so painful!  — World of Horror


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