writing – again! Link to “the Inevitable”

seem to be accumulating chance snippets of information on the topic of writing – and books:

just now listened to the BBC broadcast “The Inevitable”   – although the following fact is but one tiny aspect of the programme, if you think you might listen to this for yourself, I provided you with the link which should be active for one week.

Apparently – and I not entirely sure why this fills me with a certain amount of glee – book sales of actual printed books featuring pages you can turn, tear out, give dog-ears to, endow with a personal dedication or infuriate subsequent readers by tearing out pages, book sales have gone up and the sale of ebooks is down for the first time.*

Writer and presenter of the programme Patrick McGuiness calls this ‘the Revenge of the Book’. This could make for a nice noir and gothic crime comic. Or comic crime. Or a comical crime comic.

(*the guardian ran an article on this in 2015, so this may be the original date of the radio programme, too. Alas, as the BBC for all its continuous improvements of its website has come to neglect vital programme information such as authors, actors or publishing dates, I could not at a glance establish how old this information may be).

Happy creating!


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