quote of the day

Strangely enough, this is the past that somebody in the future is longing to go back to. Ashleigh Brilliant


Do you recognize this guy?

Here’s to a personal heroe of mine:

comedy gold & wizard of words

– well, blizzard of words would probably more apt, considering his lightning fast skills of improvisation.

Not doing him justice in this marker exercise, he’s much quirkier  and cheekier in real life.

But still…

16_PaulMerton (521x800)

Markers used were Letraset Promarker, copic, stylefile and Tiger (budget version),


plus some mixed brushpens, fineliner etc. for the linework.

The different makes or marker sometimes produce unexpec

ted results upon mixing, but the behaviour seems manageable – despite the colours turning out a little different upon being scanned.

I do prefer hanging on to my original sketches instead of inking over them directly – despite additional steps, but to have the option to go back and take the inking in another direction.

The basis for this ink and marker sketch was a quick doodle done while watching HIGNFY.

But you know that already! And if you don’t, well, that’s me back to the drawing board :)