fishy angle – der Haken an der Sache…

not all things complementary work out great.

initial sketch, marker background instead of using midtone paper, quite like the almost caustic effect despite shortcomings in the drawing – but then, I do like sketches…

What seems to be the problem with some relationships is, no matter how well the parties involved seem to complement each other, it’s exactly that what turns out to be the problem.

hakenAnDerSache (649x1024)
novel way of inking digitally,  and better posture of the fish-man, slightly awkward inbetween-stage



3 thoughts on “fishy angle – der Haken an der Sache…

  1. Your drawing style reminds me of an Australian graffiti artist i used to know who goes by the name of Itch. I think you’d dig his work.
    Anyway, enjoying yr drawings. Keep ’em coming!

    1. dear siddiebowtie,
      ooh, wow, thank you for pointing me towards itch, had to google him immediately and enjoyed the work immensely.
      few things feel better than having a quirky idea, getting it out there and havin some feedback such as yours.
      glad you liked my stuff and hope to continue improving my art, my writing and that I continue to make people smile :)

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