22nd September 2015: WORLD RHINO DAY!

Today is WORLD RHINO DAY! Didn’t know there was any such thing? Me neither, until very recently.

WorldRhinoDay,   I blogged this before – but as today’s the day… here we go again. Hoping to upload an updated version before the day is out. Please enjoy and leave your comments!


Aware there was a charity supported by the likes of sourly missed Douglas Adams, who used to climb mountains in a rhino suit in order to raise awareness, and the thankfully still very much alive Neil Gaiman, I looked them up on the net.

So, on checking the organisations site www.savetherhino.org I realized the event was coming up in leaps and bounds, like a very, very enthusiastic rhino charging towards you.

I had so much fun drawing these characters and I believe it shows.


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