World Rhino Day! 22nd September 2015

WorldRhinoDay_A4_finlayoutCountdown to WORLD RHINO DAY! Didn’t know there was any such thing? Me neither, until very recently.

Aware there was a charity supported by the likes of sourly missed Douglas Adams, who used to climb mountains in a rhino suit in order to raise awareness, and the thankfully still very much alive Neil Gaiman, I looked them up on the net.

So, on checking the organisations site I realized the event was coming up in leaps and bounds, like a very, very enthusiastic rhino charging towards you.

I did the components of the layout above very quickly two days ago in seperate sketches and combined them digitally to be able to swap speech bubbles around and create some overlap and interaction between the characters to fit with the necessary typography.

I had so much fun drawing these characters and I believe it shows.

Now I am pitching the the sketch to be used as a download for colouring in, or maybe as a poster.

It is very close to crunch time, so they may not be able fit it in in time, but we shall see.

Would be great to contribute in a small way or for this to develop into a little booklet or project.


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