Wildlife Art

Here is some old Wildlife Art I found sifting through the sediment of papers,
almost discarded over other endeavours.
But I did watch some riveting tutorials on Wildlife Art in the past weeks. So I thought it was a lovely coincidence to stumble across these early sketches and decided to show them amongst the newer and less serious stuff.
Conservationist issues have always been close to my heart, reassuring to find that some priorities do not change but find different – or similar – channels of expressing themselves.
Cartoons and illustrations are one way of raising awareness or, well, illustrating environmental topics. Concept work, developing print materials for campaigns and supporting local nature conservation organisations are another.
A combination of all of should be all the more efficient.

Hope you enjoy these:

Tiger, black scraperboard
Tiger, black scraperboard
Wildlife_Wolf_1993 (633x800)
Wolf, technical pen, fineliner, coloured pencil
Wildlife_Zebra_1997 (439x800)
Zebra, wax-resist-technique: Indian ink & wax
Wildlife_Treefrog_Scraperbo (800x650)
Tree frog, scraperboard

All these can be done digitally now, of course, but despite all the advances in handmade-looking effects and advantages of a digital production pipeline there is a definite charm in using actual materials.
The digital work process can become repetitive and whenever it gets to the point you get to feel like that, I would highly recommend getting out some pencils, chalks, inks and charcoals and really start messing with these!
Either it serves to counterbalance your monitor work, or it will make you go back to your computer relieved how easy it is to mend mistakes in the digital world.
For training fearlessness, however, nothing beats making marks on paper.
Or in clay. Stone, mud… whatever floats your creative boat!
Sure, you can think of something.

Meanwhile I am probably developing a Vitamin-B deficiency, as I do not get out and about and into the autumnal sunshin,e as part of me would like.
The racoons that come raiding my bird table, unfortunately, only appear at night.
But I cannot wait myself getting my paws dirty again with inks and pens and paperrrr!


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