T-Rex – evolutionary ladder – evolution of a cartoon strip

Dino_T-Rex_evolutionary ladder_030915Dino_T-Rex_evolutionary ladder_blue

Quite often big words are being shamelessly appropriated by companies and marketing people in order to convey artificial systems and methods as something resembling living and natural processes.

When developing a design or – in this case a comic strip – I, too, tend to borrow vocabulary from the natural world. The different stages of a design or a drawing from idea to a ‘finished’ piece are a sort of evolution. And most artists would tend to think even the pieces they are most happy with as not the end of the line, or not the topmost rung of the evolutionary ladder.

In terms of the geological history rodents outdid dinosaurs, due to changes in climate and atmosphere as well as adaptability and reproduction rate. On the other hand, what is often forgotten is that dinosaurs ruled for a long time and – contrary to the human race – had no hand – or claw – in the change of their environment.

We don’t know all that much about the social life of dinosaurs, but I suspect the triumphal succes of mammals is also very much down to their social competence.

Sticking together gets you out of sticky situations.

So, if I do borrow words and construct similes on the basis of geological, biological and other logical sciences I hope I am being indulged and that you get something out of it in return.


evolution of a cartoon

scribble and blue pencil stage

and alternative layout:

Dino_T-Rex_evolutionary ladder_A4It would be interesting to know which version is easier to “read” and appeals more to the reader.Dino_T-Rex_evolutionary ladder_A4_roundinset


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