Scything up for a greener lawn. Makes Sense!*

Hay-hay!** Meet Grassmann!
Last weekend I took part in a workshop of a local conservationist group teaching you how to adjust a scythe according to your height and how to use it. The aim of most of the participants was to have an alternative method at hand to keep larger lawns short without the noise and exhaust-fume producing or electricity-consuming mowers that tend to spoil garden owners’ weekends by painstakingly non-overlapping saturdaily mowing schedules.

With a scythe you are independent of fossile fuels and need not take into account your neighbour’s siesta or worry about any disturbing noise.
Once you get into flow of the movement it is possible to scythe astonishingly large areas with few helpers.
The only pity: noone thought of bringing a range of black hooded cloaks, truely a missed opportunity to astonish passers-by looking for 7 apprentices of Death practising in a field.
Instead some other mischief had to be done, hence: Grassmann.
the raked hay lent itself nicely for building this wee fella, and when the others took a break from scything and raking, voilá!, there he was in all his glory, including straw hat and gardening gloves!

*Scythe in German is ‘Sense’.

**Hay-hay is the traditional greeting of the grass people.

At last, everything is starting to make Sense!


see-thru appeal

Ok, one for practice…

can one speak of bioluminescence in ghosts?

Why does just about anything that starts out as a simple and nifty idea turn out to become something with a whole series of balls and chains attached to it…?

Corel Painter’s brushes do yield some cool effects, though.

Any idea for a funny caption? Go ahead and throw it at me.

Cheerioh for now,

Look at the shiny-shiny!

Someone found a sparkly!

The crow Jeremy in ‘The secret of Nimh’ really used to have me in stitches with his laughter, being so greedy and allergic to CAAA….,

This chappy may have been unconsciously inspired – despite a very different look – and with probably at least one Toucan up the family tree.

I am quite happy with the way the beak turned out, the feathers on the tummy and some on the head.

Thanks for liking the little guy.

We were quite chuffed.