GAQ! chickens’ lib or at least chickens’ working conditions improvement agency



this is for an event against large-scale animal husbandry early in May 2014

to promote the species-appropriate treatment of chickens, also attempting to avoid pollution of the environment and help prevent diseases from spreading.


GAQ! is the acronym of the claim, adjectives to describe positive conditions for the animals.

not sure how to translate these off-hand.


hope you like the design and the topic!

feel free to comment


…and yet another animal welfare related print design:

Foxy was developed for a corporate design pitch, someone else took first place, recently an opportunity presented itself to recycle the wee fox and make the message topical regarding the best use a fur can give is to its original owner,

so, here’s my bit of recycling:

sous_FoxyCreed4Tee_1000x1000_lafraise (800x800)


also I just learned about David Foster Wallace’s essay ‘Consider the Lobster’, which ought to be an interesting bit of reading!




New Category: WIP

Hello there! Time being precious and all that… I am coming round to the idea of adding a new category: WIP – work in progress.
Which may be cheeky, as the whole point about ‘Blaustift’ is to show sketches, usually in blue pencil. And what, in the end is not work in progress. even when you finish something it could still be modified, done up and executed in more (or with less) detail, with a different style and drift. What I mean to say, I suppose is that even the pieces that look finished never really feel finished, or do they?

so maybe I should call “Blaustift” “Bluwip” in the future and use the image of a cerulean cream swirl?
But I am fond of the pencil as an image – it allows for hand rendered drawings rather than something coming out of a kind of dispenser at the touch of a button.

Any engaging thoughts?

Happy Easter 2014 – Nothing like a job well done…



‘There’s nothing quite like a job well done!’

– ‘Saubere Arbeit – einfach ein gutes Gef├╝hl!’


By way of contrast: breaking with me own tradition of pencilling in blue – this year’s Easter greetings!

this had to be turned out in a rush, like the sketchy appearance of the pencil,

feel free to share, as long as you don’t crop my mail adress, thank you,


have a great Easter everybody!

and mind your egg intake