Spreewald Gurke Gherkin

That’s one happy looking gherkin, I’d say.

The little chap first appeared still during school days from a cornucopia together with peppers, aubergines/eggplants, onions, etc. plus: the evil maitre de cuisine, a root vegetable.

So here goes: Hello again!

Given the popularity of the regional famous Spreewald gherkin we may yet hope for a comeback!



Das ist eine glückliche Gurke, würde ich mal behaupten. Oder Jurke, wie der Berliner sagt.

Das Kerlchen purzelte zum ersten mal noch zu Schulzeiten (meinen, nicht die der Gurke) aus einem Füllhorn gemeinsam mit Paprikaschoten, Auberginen, Zwiebeln, etc. und dem Küchenchef mit sadistischen Zügen.

Also: Da bist Du ja wieder.

Angesichts der Popularität der berühmten Spreewaldgurke können wir auf ein Comeback hoffen!


Guten Appetit!




spec work flamingo – will it lead to publication or up the garden path in its cowboy boots?

who knows?

spinning puns about Flamingos agogo as where there’s one there’s usually tons of the strangely beaked creatures.

not ‘run, Forrest, run!’ it is ‘Go Flamin Go!’ and so it does on knobbly knees.

at the same time testing a new marker, just a cheapie from the local store and water based supposedly indian ink.

Does not seem too bad at first impression, though.




Lamarama continued – this week: ALABAMA


Inspired by an actual mail contact with a guy from Alabama looking to commission an artist. This dates back a month now, approximately.

Unfortunately there was quite an amount of spec work required in order to be merely considered for the job and so I spend a fraction of the time this would have cost me on the following rhyme. Further on down is a German version, I prefer the English one, though, as it has better rhythm, esp. the middle part, mefinks.

There was a lama in Alabama

who’d been told chewing gum

would make him feel instantly

calmer and rather cheerful

not so glum

but his stressful disposition

caused the pressurized emission

of a bubble filled with spittle

drenched him much and not a little

„Blast, all over my pajama“

cried poor lama –

oh, the drama!




Es war einmal ein Lama

das lebte in Alabama

und bekam den klugen Rat

für STRESSSYMPTOME – in der Tat ! –

Kaugummi kauend zu entspannen

darauf vertrauend sogleich begann

das Lama

Aus deprimierter Position

sah’s Lama sich erhoben schon

doch sein nervöser Speichelfluss

bewirkt nun, dass zum guten Schluss

‘ne Spuckeblase schlicht zerplatzt

durchweicht es steht – Laune verpatzt

– MIST! Alles auf den neuen Pyjama! –

klagt das Lama – oh, der Drama!



have a fun day!